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Certain words or combination of letters (anything offensive or related to pharmaceuticals and spam, etc) are not allowed in the username. The determination of appropriateness will be done by forum management. Usernames not complying with this policy will be deleted without notification.

During registration process, a valid email address must be supplied. To complete registration, the user has to click on a link in the activation email.

Exploiting the forum for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes is not allowed.

Forum posting guidelines

No commercial messages of any kind, or advertisements are allowed. If you are unsure whether your post is appropriate, please contact us. Inappropriate messages would be deleted.

Stay on topic. Read the thread subject and the first post, and if you are replying to the post, make sure it is relevant.

When creating a new thread, have a meaningful and descriptive subject line.

Use English language. Non-English posts or sentences would be deleted.

The use of foul language on this forum is not allowed.


Spammers are not welcome on this forum.

If you are not sure whether you post might be regarded as spam, contact us.

All spam is immediately removed.

Posting identical post in more than one section of the forum is considered spam.

Sending any commercial message using Personal Messaging (PM) feature of the forum will be considered as spamming.

Spammers will be banned.