Acrobat - DocumentRestrictionsSummary

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Acrobat - DocumentRestrictionsSummary

Post by gustavSthlm » Fri Dec 18, 2015 10:37 am


I got a confusing problem. A specific PDF is genereting a problem. We have a solution that merges and extracts pages from PDFs.

But, if we try this with this specific PDF, the process fails.

We think it is because of restrictions in this PDF. But when we look at the restrictions, we see that there are different restrictions from different PDF readers. We have tried Acrobat Reader X, Acrobat Reader XI, and Acrobat Pro X.

In Acrobat X Pro all Document Restrictions Summary are set to Allowed.
In Reader XI all are set to Allowed exept: Document Assembly and Page Extration (these are Not Allowed)
In Reader X all are set to Allowed exept: Document Assembly, Signing and Creation of Template Pages

(This is the same PDF opened in different readers.)

If anybody could shine some light of how these restrictions work i'd be thankful.
And does Pitstop have anyway to remove these restrictions? I tried, but since i run Pitstop in Pro, there are no errors to handle. I guess because they are all set to Allowed in Acrobat X Pro.


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