Switch Client logs messages but no jobs anymore

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Switch Client logs messages but no jobs anymore

Post by tkittel » Fri Feb 24, 2017 12:38 pm


I've a kind of curiosity with the communication between Switch 13 Client and Switch 13 (both on MacOS):
Refreshing the list of messages still works fine, but since some days the refresh of the jobs in the client does not work anymore. The joblists always stays empty, even while switch13 is processing jobs.
I checked the connection settings (switch server, client and firewall were unchanged since months) and noticed nothing suspect.

I'm afraid, I've to admit that my knowledge is not enough, especially in the point which requirements a job or flow must have to be logged in the client. (Is it simply setting any value into the property 'jobstate'?)
Please, can anybody point me into the right direction?

Thanks in advance,
best Tom

Configuration: Switch 13 Server; Switch Client 13 (both without 'update 1')

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