PitStop Server abort

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Joerg Schober
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PitStop Server abort

Post by Joerg Schober » Fri Jan 04, 2019 2:38 pm

we use PitStop Server with Switch. A few times a week i get error messges that a PitStop Server process was aborted:
Message: The job was aborted because it took too long to process.
When i retry the failed job it is processed within seconds.
As the error occurs very seldom it is hard to reproduce it or to monitor. But a few days ago by chance i saw such a job - it was the only task that runs (under "progress"). So heavy load can not be the reason.
I also got in contact with support, it gave me some hints - without success.
Concurrent processes is set to 12 (Switch) and 8 (PitStop Server)
Switch 18.2, PitStop Server 18.0.1, MacOS 10.12.6

Any hints or similar issues?

Kind regards,

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