Validating mailing data

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Validating mailing data

Post by lizardperson02 » Mon Jun 14, 2021 9:16 pm

Is anyone aware of an application or a way to check data (tab-separated txt files in this case) to ensure the entries in the address columns have valid entries for mailing. For this check I don't need to know that an addresses IS mailable, just that it's structured so that it COULD be mailed.

In other words if I have correctly structured data, it would validate:
Address City State ZIP
101 Somewhere Rd Anywhere AL 12345
102 Somewhere Rd Anywhere AL 12345-0002
103 Somewhere Rd Anywhere AL 12345

But data with entries in incorrect columns or missing information would fail out:
Address City State ZIP
Anywhere 101 Somewhere Rd
12345-0002 Anywhere 101 Somewhere RD AL
103 Somewhere Rd Anywhere 12345

The idea is to have Switch send jobs with correctly-structured data forward to our data team for sorting, while sending ones with misconfigured data back to the client for corrected mailing lists.

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Re: Validating mailing data

Post by freddyp » Tue Jun 15, 2021 10:59 am

There are two address validation tools for which there is a configurator in Switch: Accuzip and Firstlogic. Filter the flow elements with the keyword "mail" and you will find them. Right-click on the configurators in the Flow Elements pane and open the documentation. There you will find more information on how it works and whom you can contact if you want to try it.

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