Remap SpotColors with Switch

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Remap SpotColors with Switch

Post by NEOSA » Thu Mar 10, 2016 6:58 pm

Hi All@Forum,

I try to setup a SFLOW with Switch to remap SpotColor.

My intend is to catch SpotColor values from incoming PDF files, build a list of available colors (by reading values from a PitStop Server XML Report) and remap them to a new one.

I tried to build with CheckPoint in SWITCH, with conditionals items : 1,2 or 3 SpotColors.

Example : If EndUser select 3 Spots, SWITCH should show the list of the 3 spotcolors used in a PDF file (in a drop-down list), and a field where this EndUser will type in the new desired spotcolor (or may a pre-defined list).

Tools to be used : SWITCH CoreEngine & MetaData / PitStopServer. Do we need extra options (Scripting) to perform such actions ?

Have any of you experienced this with Switch ?

Thanks for replies ;-)


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