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XML Pickup external Asset with wildcards and subfolders

Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:19 pm
by w3gmbh

for an incoming single XML I'm using XML pickup (Metadata is asset) to extract a part of the PDF filename to be injected.

The filename part is [Metadata.Text:Path="/Druckdaten/DruckNo/NAME",Dataset="Xml",Model="XML"].

The assets to be processed (one or several pdfs matching the filenames) are
X:\mypath\*[Metadata.Text:Path="/Druckdaten/DruckNo/NAME",Dataset="Xml",Model="XML"]*.pdf (wildcards for any pdf matching the part of the filename).

So if the xml extraction gives us a "12345" every pdf in the asset folder like my12345.pdf, your12345_special.pdf or just 12345.pdf should be injected.

with a XML pickup (Metadata refers to an asset) neither wildcards nor subfolders are supported.

How can I achieve that?