Assemble Job Succeeding When It Should Fail

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Assemble Job Succeeding When It Should Fail

Post by MarkStrecker » Mon Aug 27, 2018 1:46 pm

Hello All,

I have a flow through which all incoming jobs, which in this case are books, arrive in folders. Some folders contain a single book split into several PDFs. Any job that is over 4 GB in size will go down a path that takes it to the third-party PDF Enhancer configurator. This program, for those of you unfamiliar with it, takes a PDF and reduces it size (among other things) by eliminating unnecessary code. PDF Enhancer will not accept a folder, so before the job reaches the PDF Enhancer configurator, it is ungrouped using the Ungroup Job element, which is set to use the "ungroup" private data key. After going through PDF Enhancer, all the parts are placed back into a folder using the Assemble Job element, which "knows" which files to pick up based on the "ungroup" private data. If you have Assemble Job "Number of files" property set to "Automatic," the element is supposed to only successfully reassemble if all the parts arrive.

PDF Enhancer sometimes rejects a part for one reason or another, and I have those jobs missing parts set to go down an error path out of Assemble Job and send me an e-mail that something went wrong. Here is the problem: when Assemble Job fails to receive all its parts, it's assembling the job anyway and sending it down the "Success out" path. This has resulted in PDF blocks missing pages. The question is, how is this possible?

If it turns out "automation" property in Assemble Job isn't as reliable as I thought, is there a better way to ensure if parts are missing the job fails to reassemble?

I am attaching a screenshot of the relevant part of my flow. Elements not connected this this specific problem are screened out.

Thanks all for pondering this issue and letting me know what you think. I appreciate it.
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