Create a new Job Folder

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Create a new Job Folder

Post by SteveT » Mon Aug 31, 2020 6:08 pm

I want to create a Flow that creates a new job folder, copies files to it and saves that folder to a specified location on our server(s)
1) File(s) submitted at the web portal and submitter enters 4 fields of specific information:
a) Job Number
b) Job Name
c) Location (which plant it prints)
d) Mode (how it prints, Dye Sublimation, UV, etc)
2) Switch creates a folder (Job Number and name from submitter entry) and creates a 3 subfolders (originals, production, working). The submitted file(s) will then be copied to the subfolder "originals".
3) Entire folder is then moved to the correct Location and Mode (as selected by the submitter)

My associate and I are struggling to find a way to do this. Can anyone help? Thanks so much.

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Re: Create a new Job Folder

Post by Padawan » Tue Sep 01, 2020 4:15 pm

I would implement it like this
- Have a submit point (requires SwitchClient Module + Metadata module) where people have to fill in Job Number, Job Name, Location, Mode
- Have a "Set hierarchy path" where you set the name of the jobfolder using the variables from the submit point
- Use the "Create Job Folder" App to actually create the jobfolder from the hierarchy info with a fixed set of subfolders. The app can also place the submitted files in one of the created subfolders

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