Using for image background removal

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Using for image background removal

Post by magnussandstrom » Wed Dec 09, 2020 8:31 pm

We just setup a new Switch flow using the amazing service for removing backgrounds on all kind of images. I though I would share this here if anyone else would like to know how to setup a similar flow (since the HTTP request setup imho is a bit tricky).

1. Register an account on and buy some credit or an subscription.
2. On the account choose API and generate a API key
3. Use the flow element HTTP Request and do the following parameters:
a. URL:
b. Request type: POST
c. Attached file: [Job.Path]
d. Use MIME encoding: YES
e. File varible: image_file
f. Authentication scheme: none
g. Parameters: size=auto (here you can choose your wanted parameters from API documentation)
h. Headers: X-API-Key: YOUR-API-KEY-HERE
i. Response: Inject as new job
j. Filename: [Job.NameProper].png
k. Input job: discard
4. Done

Tools at hand: Enfocus Switch, Esko Automation Engine, Esko Imaging Engine, Apogee Prepress, HP DFE, Fiery, Caldera, GMG ColorProof, PressSign, Redhat FUSE, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Services.

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