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Re: HP Smartstream N-up question

Postby beastridge » Tue Jun 13, 2017 4:05 am

Very helpful! Thanks for posting this sander!

sander wrote:I noticed Lombert and me went to mail contact instead of posting in this thread. Such a shame if we want to keep things open :)

Someone asked me this in pm so I'll post in this topic so anyone can benefit of these findings.

Hey Sander, what setting did you have to change on the iPC to correct the copy count issue when using n-up layout? Thanks for sharing about the automated imposition, it is very helpful and I really appreciate it.

On each iPC you have to do these steps in order to get a correct copy count.
Please note if you want to use this with impositions, other then auto-impose, it doesn't work with pre-rip impositions.
1. C:\indigo\Indigo.iPC.System.EntitiesUI.ConfigurationUtilityUI.exe
2. Click ConfigJobLoad
3. Uncheck CopyEqualSheets

Also please note if HP does a update of your iPC this setting is not preserved so be sure to instruct your DFE engineer to preserve/restore this setting.

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