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import actions

Post by drcpub » Thu Jul 29, 2021 4:51 pm

Hi, This is actually a 2 part question.
1) Am I able to import an existing created action into an action that I making? Example, I need to add crop marks a certain distance away from the trim .25 in. The action I have for that is already made and used regularly. But I would like to place that action at the end of another I am building.

2) On that same action I am building, I need to add the creation or modified date from the Description tab of the Document Properties panel. I do not see or know of an action to add that would allow that. Is there any way to extract the creation or modified date for use in an action?

Thank you

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Re: import actions

Post by abailescollins » Fri Jul 30, 2021 12:37 pm

1) Yes, sort of. :-)
If you have the Action List editor open with the Action you are working on. You can drag and drop a complete Action List from the List of Action Lists, into the Action List you are making. Once you have the whole Action List in the panel, you can then edit the Actions within it if needed.
Hope that makes sense?

2) If you have only PitStop Pro or and older version of PitStop Server you can't do it. At least not at the moment.
If you have a PitStop Server with a Switch Core then you can do it using the Doc variables available in Switch.
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