Pitstop pro 12 update 1 - Corporate Environment - Slow

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Pitstop pro 12 update 1 - Corporate Environment - Slow

Postby n2pubtech » Tue Jan 24, 2017 10:52 pm

Hey All,

If this isn't the place for this question please let me know!

We are running Pitstop 12 update 1 in acrobat 9 (I realize both are very old and are unsupported). But, I was hoping maybe someone out there has experience using pitstop in a corporate environment where users machines have roaming profiles and more importantly folder redirection. We have been struggling to maintain performance and stability while using pitstop while the roaming appdata folder is being redirected to our fileserver. I have been able to narrow it down to specifically pitstop and the roaming appfolder being redirected from the local machine. As soon as we don't redirect the folder and leave it local to the machine the application runs smooth and doesn't crash. Based off process monitor captures it looks like there are an abnormal to borderline extreme number of repetitive read and writes to the same files in the roaming appdata folder with no real pattern or reason as to why. Unfortunately not using folder redirection is not an acceptable answer for us as we need to have the ability for users to roam and for their profiles to be backed up in case a machine crashes. Has anyone ran into this issue and found a solution to the problem? I've opened a ticket with Enfocus support several times and it usually goes around and around and they come back and basically state what we are doing isn't supported and they have never heard of anyone using folder redirection before.


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