Remove XObject

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Remove XObject

Post by ace27rsm » Thu Jul 09, 2020 12:10 pm

Hi everyone, I found a issue and I need your help.
I need to elaborate by pitStop a pdf, precedently created by another software: Tilia Phoenix. I found that all objects inserted by Phoenix UI are wrapped in "unknown" rectangle. It seems like a Mask, and, as I said, it is all around my elements. So, for example if I make a text "A" and i try to scale it by pitstop increasing the size, it will be hided by this "unknown" object, because the A dimension will became bigger than its wrapper. If I try to remove this element the result is that even the letter A will be removed.
I call it an "unknown object" because if I try to inspect it by inspector i really can not figure out which kind of element it is. It has no fill, no stroke, it is not a image, it is not a mask...etc...
I want to remove I tried to figure out how to catch it by a pitstop selector action, but the only one that select it is the action to select XObjects. So i set Select all XObject elements and than Remove Selection....nothing happened
Any solution?

Thank you

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Re: Remove XObject

Post by michelecollins » Tue Jul 14, 2020 3:15 pm

Form Xobjects are indicated by yellow bounding boxes in Acrobat. To edit a form such as this, there is a tool called "Edit Forms" You can see the options here: ... 49927.html

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