Preflight profile with RGB

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Preflight profile with RGB

Post by MichelleLaurenson » Wed Apr 17, 2019 5:14 am

Hi everyone,

First time Pitstop Pro user here, I am attempting to use the Preflight profile functionality to check documents for two main items:
- Usage of incorrect fonts (Calibi and TNR in particular)
- Use of incorrect colours

Noting we have downloaded this software specifically for purpose, I have watched all the youtube tutorials and read the instructions online but I can't seem to locate an in-depth document that really drills down into the profile editor.

Client facing documents that will go to print need to be CMYK, however internal documents, particularly items that will be utilised within powerpoint presentations, need to remain in RGB. As a result, I need to be able to check if documents have a list of colours that could be either CMYK or RGB . I have all the colour conversions including in Hex and Panatone.

I have tried to use the Profile Editor>Colour> Problems to Detect section where I have entered all the CMYK codes for the colors, however this still detecting a lot of problems (between dozens and thousands) when I can see, if I use the Eyedropper in Inspect mode, that the colours are in fact correct.

I do not want to be converting the RGB to CMYK. Can anyone please assist? I am using V13.

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Re: Preflight profile with RGB

Post by abailescollins » Tue Apr 23, 2019 3:46 pm

A bit confused about your post.
You downloaded version 13, How did you get that as it's rather old?
There are newer versions that would be better to get.

Anyway regarding your question.
Can you send me the profile you have created and also any test files you are able to send.
I can then take a look and come back with any questions.
Email is
PitStop Product Manager @ Enfocus.

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