Ensure PDF is 100 % Black

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Ensure PDF is 100 % Black

Post by jackie1493 » Tue Jan 10, 2017 5:39 pm


Will Enfocus PRO Flight check be able to detect if: a PDF contains hidden CMYK values, I would like to know that it is 100% black (no CMYK or color values)

Please let me know.
Thank you.

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Re: Ensure PDF is 100 % Black

Post by bens » Wed Jan 11, 2017 11:07 am

That is certainly possible. You may need an Action List, which is a bit more advanced than just a Preflight Profile, but it shouldn't be too hard. For example you can use the "Select color range" action to select objects with Black and Cyan, and "Log selection" to log an error on those objects. Then do the same for Yellow and Magenta.

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