[FEATURE REQUEST] Assemble Job by max. count of pages

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[FEATURE REQUEST] Assemble Job by max. count of pages

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we process a lot of PDF files with multiple pages. For later processing it is necessary that the created job folder does not have more than 100 pages in total. If all PDFs add up to more than 100 pages, several job folders should be created.
For example:
1. PDF 10 pages
2. PDF 20 pages
3. PDF 30 pages
4. PDF 60 pages
In total, the job folder would have 120 pages. Instead, two folders should be created. The first folder has the maximum number of pages, in this case the 1st, 3rd and 4th PDF. In the second folder is the 2nd PDF. And so on...
The generated folders should be labeled with a counter _01, _02, _03...

It would be very helpful if the "Assemble Job" element could be extended with a "Number of Pages" function.

I'm looking forward to more suggestions!

Thanks a lot!
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