Ganging app - need beta testers

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Ganging app - need beta testers

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I've built an app to facilitate the ganging of jobs to be passed to an imposition system. Here is the basic description...

App description
GangByHierarchy creates collections or gangs of jobs based on the combination of job hierarchy values and an accumulated count of PDF pages or sheets, or a configured job property. You will configure a desired gang size along with a maximum gang size. When enough jobs are accumulated, the jobs will be moved to a single job folder. Optionally, metadata can be created in XML and/or JSON format. Additionally, a “flush” schedule can be configured that will trigger the creation of gangs with all currently waiting jobs.

Additional functionality:
  • Jobs are processed based on a configured sorting method that can utilize each job’s priority, sorting date and configured sorting key.
  • In the case of an individual job exceeding the configured gang size, several options are available to handle these jobs.
  • Because all the jobs are copied into a new job folder, any jobs with duplicate names would overwrite each other. Several options are available to handle duplicate jobs.
  • By default, the metadata includes basic information about each gang and job. The app provides properties to allow the addition of custom gang and job information.
  • Metadata can be created as XML and/or JSON.
Our use case...
We provide print and sublimation production to a number of ecommerce print and photo gift partners. We have over 7,000 different print products and over 300 sublimation products that we produce. We gang and impose virtually all of these products before sending them to press. Each product has an SLA that we must meet and also suppport exedited and rush orders which must be prioritized in the ganging process. We implement Impostrip Automation and can transform the gang and job meta created by the app to Impostrip's "redirection" xml schema.

Beta testers
I'd like to find a small number of beta users to provide feedback on the apps functionality. In particular, I would like to find at least one user that uses a Mac server to verify that it works on that platform. The app is build with NodeJs and doesn't use any Windows specific functionality so I believe that it should work without issues.
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Re: Ganging app - need beta testers

Post by joaodaffonsojr »

Hey !

I have some clients that use Gang and I would be happy if I can be part of that beta group.

I use Windows Server and so do my clients.

Some of my clients also use Ultimate Impostrip Automation.
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