Pantone Name vs Appearance

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Pantone Name vs Appearance

Post by jcarden »

Hello All!

I was wondering if anyone has run into this particular scenario before and if you developed any checks to identify it or if you have any suggested checks to avoid it in the future.

A client sent in a file with a spot color named "PANTONE 3115 C" (Blue Color), however, they changed the value of the swatch to match "PANTONE 458 C" (Gold Color).

When viewed on screen it rendered gold designated by the swatch values.

The issue occurred on press when our RIP (Caldera) swapped the swatch values to the one in its look up table for the values of the designated PANTONE name which rendered it blue. The job printed overnight unattended so the pressman didn't see the issue while printing and was only caught during the finishing process.

I am looking for a way to flag if a swatches value doesn't match PANTONE libraries value.

I know there is the remap to library action, but that effects every color even if it is correct. I really only want to to flag if it is wrong.
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Re: Pantone Name vs Appearance

Post by jslater »

This may help you out; it worked on a hasty test file I made. try the Check spot color by PANTONE library action. You can choose the library you want to compare, and check the box for "Check alternate color values."
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