Delay Indesign Saving a Document

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Delay Indesign Saving a Document

Post by jlisle_PointB »

Hello I'm new to Switch and working with one of our in house web developers to come up with a script to have the Indesign Configurator wait 1 minute before it closes and saves the open file as the same name. The goal is to have the file open long enough to auto-activate Adobe fonts in Creative Suite.

Here's the script we come up for the "Save as" in the InDesign Configurator that doesn't seem to be working:

let doc = $doc;
let $outfiles = [];

try {
setTimeout(function() {
let $outfile = new File(`${$outfolder}/${$filename}.${$extension}`);
}, 60000)

} catch (error) {
$error = error.description;

Any ideas how to fix this script or to achieve activating Adobe fonts for InDesign?

Thank you.
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Re: Delay Indesign Saving a Document

Post by jan_suhr »

You have the "Use font in package" property if set to yes it will use fonts that come along the file in a package. If that's the way you get the InDesign file.
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Re: Delay Indesign Saving a Document

Post by freddyp »

The Indesign API has an updateFonts method at the Application level. I am not sure it does what you want but it is worth a try. I have not tested it, but the line should be:

Code: Select all

There is also a waitForAllTasks method. Could this do the trick?

A good site for consulting the complete API is this one: ... ation.html
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Re: Delay Indesign Saving a Document

Post by Padawan »

I have used the following line in the past for font activation with extensis

(Unit is milliseconds)

You might want to try freddys suggestion first, if it works it won't need delays.
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Re: Delay Indesign Saving a Document

Post by loicaigon »

For what it's worth, using $.sleep() in InDesign Scripts is quite useless as it freezes script execution (and by extension any InDesign operations).
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