Griffin needs VPN connection to work

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Griffin needs VPN connection to work

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Hi Switch users,

We have been experiencing the following problem for a while now, and this is a brief description:

About 2 years ago our Firewall had to be replaced, since then Griffin is no longer able to connect to the Servers to check the license and that is why Griffin no longer works.

I then tried a few things that worked!
  • Connect via a hotspot on my phone via 5G
  • Connect PC to the VOIP telephone exchange
Our conclusion was that the Firewall was not set properly. In consultation with Griffin at the time, we opened all ports in the Firewall, but without the desired result. Then we installed the other type of Firewall and also without success!
I thought it might be our outgoing IP address, but according to Griffin that shouldn't be the problem!

So we actually always work with a VPN connection now! and I probably don't have to tell you that this is not always desirable for a Switch workflow! Now we all had a Griffin connection problem for a few days ago and this was quickly resolved by Enfocus. I now hope that Enfocus (as new owner) will take a look at our problem because it looks like the problem they were able to solve quickly!

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