100 page limit?

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100 page limit?

Post by magnussandstrom »

Hi, the other day I noticed that there seem to be a limit of 100 pages per Griffin Auto job. The job fails and in the Switch messages it says: "Maxium of 100 products allowed". I have never read this in any documentation. Could someone confirm this? Maybe it's a varible that I can change somewhere?

In this case I had to use another solution to impose the job, and it just feels kind of awkward.

To split the job before griffin and then merge it again after the nesting was not an option for various reasons in my specific case.
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Re: 100 page limit?

Post by mkayyyy »

Sounds like a similar restriction to Phoenix's base set up which restricts to 50 / 100 products per project: https://docs.tilialabs.com/phoenix/user ... ducts-plus
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Re: 100 page limit?

Post by plutinolabs »

Looks like it's a hard limit in Griffin. Link to the docs where it mentions it.https://docs.tilialabs.com/griffin/user ... dd-artwork

I know in Phoenix it's 50 max per project, but you can get a module that increases it to 2000. Not sure if there is something similar for Griffin where you can purchase additional capacity.
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Re: 100 page limit?

Post by jasonx »

There is a limit of 100 pages or 100 items.
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Re: 100 page limit?

Post by Robert.W »

Yes, the page limit doesn't make it easy.
I'm looking for a solution that counts the total number of pages to be nested.

It would be helpful to create a job folder with a maximum number of pages - and not jobs.
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