Connect 2017 Ships!

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Michael Reiher

Connect 2017 Ships!

Post by Michael Reiher » Tue Nov 14, 2017 5:19 pm

I'm happy to announce that Connect 2017 is now available!

In this release, we focused on compatibility with Switch 2017 and Pitstop 2017, as well as providing improvements with basic job tickets, our update server (Connect ALL/SEND only), and many other little adjustments and tweaks.

In addition to the above, for Connect ALL and YOU customers, we include a new preset project we called "Check Job Essentials". This project was created for prepress operators, customer service reps, and designers to quickly check a PDF's essentials. This includes, trim page size, image resolution, number of pages, inks defined, and if fonts are embedded all based on your selections. In addition, it also provides print quality PDF creation from any application, controls over converting inks or RGB colors to process color, and adding bleeds to any document.

With this new project, you can even print directly from MS Publisher, or MS Word and create a print quality PDF with bleeds, and proper CMYK inks — even converting RGB blacks to pure 100%K.

It's a tool meant to be easy to use, and easy to understand so that even a CSR can quickly check an incoming PDF... but it's also powerful where it will help prepress operators catch more complex mistakes such as the use of transparency, or poorly defined inks.

To use it, you just have to select the project from the Preset Projects list and make the Connector.

We're very excited about Connect 2017 and hope you enjoy it too. Also, for those of you looking for new Plug-ins to support CC2018.... they will be released shortly. We expect to post those by the end of this month.

Check with your local Enfocus authorized reseller, or contact our sales department to check on your upgrade options.

Thanks and enjoy!

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