SMTP config Gmail

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SMTP config Gmail

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Hi, last week I lost the switch config files because of hackes... so I need configurate the smtp for send emails but I had some problems.
My host for email is the (google workspace)

Current Configuration:

smtp server:
SMTP port: 465
SMTP requires autentication: Yes
User name:
password: ******
Use password configuration: Yes

Encrypt conection: Yes
Sender Name: Futura Express
Sender email address:

When I do "Test Connection" the result is "ok". but when the flow try send an email, an error occurs and does not send.
SMTP protocol error. 530 5.7.0 s126-20020a1ff484000000b00375ecb78541sm9549011vkh.12 - gsmtp.

I don't know if I configured it correctly. May some one help me?
Thank you!!
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