SMTP config Gmail

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SMTP config Gmail

Post by diguimfodera »

Hi, last week I lost the switch config files because of hackes... so I need configurate the smtp for send emails but I had some problems.
My host for email is the (google workspace)

Current Configuration:

smtp server:
SMTP port: 465
SMTP requires autentication: Yes
User name:
password: ******
Use password configuration: Yes

Encrypt conection: Yes
Sender Name: Futura Express
Sender email address:

When I do "Test Connection" the result is "ok". but when the flow try send an email, an error occurs and does not send.
SMTP protocol error. 530 5.7.0 s126-20020a1ff484000000b00375ecb78541sm9549011vkh.12 - gsmtp.

I don't know if I configured it correctly. May some one help me?
Thank you!!
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Re: SMTP config Gmail

Post by Egon »

HI diguimfodera,

I had a similar problem setting up a Gmail account in Switch.
My solution was to create an App password in my Google Account and use this password!

So log in to your Google Account go to Security then to Logging in to Google and then choose App passwords.

Hop this helps and I am not too late! :D
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