Switch Backup without Scripting

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Switch Backup without Scripting

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Is it possible in Switch without the scripting module to automatically save all flows and their contents at a certain time as a backup in a folder in order to reload them in the event of a failure at time X?

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Re: Switch Backup without Scripting

Post by Terkelsen »

I think you will find what you are looking for in the answer from cedric.sintes in this thred:

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Re: Switch Backup without Scripting

Post by weavesingle »

There is an option called "Save flows automatically" that saves flows before activating them; perhaps that is sufficient for you?
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Re: Switch Backup without Scripting

Post by tdeschampsBluewest »

The solution of Cedric sintes is also in an APP "autosave plus", sadly in legacy, so it may disappear in a near future, or have some compatibility problem when the support for legacy will end.

I may redevelopp it in typescript for the appstore, and i think we may put it for free, but it's a matter of time and priority (a lot of other app under developpement ;) )

Keep in mind that both solution (Cedric one, and on the appstore) do not behave like a right click/export => It won't have any propertyset in it, you need to save them alongside your flows.
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