Submit Hierarchy performance issues

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Submit Hierarchy performance issues

Post by RunDontStop » Wed Oct 13, 2021 7:52 pm

I have a few Switch flows using Submit Hierarchy to monitor a job server. They all point to the same parent directory but target different subdirectories. I am wondering if this affects performance, it seems to take quite a long time for jobs to process.

I was thinking about reconfiguring but not sure if it would help.

I would create a single flow that uses Submit Hierarchy as a starting point for all of these different flows. All of the target subdirectories would be included in this single Submit Hierarchy element.

If I enable "Attach Hierarchy info", I think I could use that to direct jobs to the different flows they need to go through. The endpoints of the different job requirements would not strip unique ID, they would be hot folders for subsequent flows.

For the different flows I have now, I could just change the start inputs from Submit Hierarchy to these hot folders.

To summarize

1. Flow 1 uses Submit Hiearchy with different targeted subfolders. Attach Hierarchy info is ON
2. Switch variables redirect jobs depending on their Hierarchy to different ending folders
3. These folders are the starting points for the various flows I have set up.

Is this possible? Would this improve performance?

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